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Love on Fire ~ Part 8

black man and womanWill Connie finely get laid? Man, I really hope so. I’m sure your saying to yourself, you’re the author don’t you know what’s going to happen. Actually I don’t know until I write it. Each post you read is written the night before and it posted in the morning. With that said, that’s enjoy the ride together.

His hands ran up and down my back and across my behind, but there was no way for him to touch my skin unless he reached down and pull my dress over my head. I suddenly wished I had just worn a top and a skirt. I pulled away from him, hoping I could pull his jacket off and unbutton his shirt, but he held on to me tightly. His lips explored my mouth setting me a blaze.

Unable to stand it a moment longer, I push him away forcefully. Brazenly I stared into his eyes while I unbutton my dress and pulled at the strings that held it together. It slipped off my shoulders and fell to the floor. I stood in front of Titus clothed in a black lace bra, matching boy shorts, black thigh highs and black stilettos.

The look of desire filled his eyes as he stepped forward and wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me into his heated embrace. He kissed my neck and shoulder causing me to bite my bottom lip to keep from screaming out my pleasure. Suddenly he picked me up and held me in his arms. He looked down in my flushed face and said, “Which way?”

“Down the hall and to your left,” I replied.

With purposeful strides he headed to my bedroom.


I woke up to the heat of Titus’ body wrapped around mine. I could feel his semi hard penis pressed against my back and I was delighted. Last night hadn’t been a dream. This man was simple splendid. He made love to me slow, but determined. I was unaware that I could have that many orgasms during one sexual encounter. If he made love to the waitress at Baker’s the same way he had ravished my body last night, I fully understand why she was willing to clown me on her job.

My right arm is numb so I tried to move into a more comfortable position. My movement roused Titus and his cock grew. I closed my eyes and silently thanked God for the man in my bed. The thought of him inside me once again was delightful to say the least.

As if he could read my mind, he reached across and pulled me to him. He swollen cock pressed against my ass. I arched my back, rubbing my ass against the length of him. I could feel a trail of pre-cum with each rock of my ass. He moaned his delight and showed his pleasure by pushing deep inside of me.

With each stroke, I screamed in ecstasy until I felt the fire in my pussy burst into flames. Titus increased the speed of his strokes until I felt him stiffen and grunt like an animal. He held me close leaving his flaccid penis inside me. Completely sated I fell asleep again.

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