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Well the day approaches that I’ll actually have to stand up in front of others and speak. Author Kimmie Thomas’s (www.kimmiethomas.com) Wine Tasting Event is right around the corner. She recently released her second book “Nursing Dr. Miller” Available now !
I’ve avoided public speaking in lieu of listening. I’ve often wondered if others take it as arrogance or social ineptness on my part? Its neither, and most importantly I’m okay with it.

There are times when I find myself in a crowd of people that are chattering a mile a minute. That’s not really me. I’m sort of a voyeur. When it’s mistaken for arrogance, I’ve found it’s usually from people that don’t have a clue as to whether I’m stuck up or not. I’m comfortable enough with me not to worry about it too much, but smart enough to consider it. I have moments when I prefer to…

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