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I did a shout out for 20 other author/writers to share their book covers with us and to tell us how they decided on their covers. I still need about 7 more, so if you’d like a mini promo of your cover email me 🙂

Okay remember we are not judging the books by their covers! In this post I want you to look at what the author/writer goes through and the steps they take to create their covers to make them uniquely theirs. And if they have had someone else design them they are sharing the links to their designers. 

Here’s the first five! These are in the order they were received.

Our first cover is from Julia Hughes author of “A Ripple In Time”

Welcome Julia 🙂

Thank you for this opportunity to show off our book covers, and I’d like to nominate the artwork for “A Ripple in…

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